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Would you like to donate to prostate cancer?

Safeway drives me nuts with their request for cancer research donations. I feel sorry for the cashiers being forced to ask me if I will donate, because I ask back as politely as possible: Why would the most powerful and rich corporation need my money? If I donate to Big Pharma all my precious change, will the cure they discover be free to me when I require it? Who really gets that money? They don’t know.

Like I said, I feel bad for the cashiers. They never know the answer to any of my questions. Then I notice right at the checkout there is a 2 liter bottle of Coke Zero with a sign that says, “If you are not asked to donate to prostate cancer during checkout, this bottle of soda is free”. My mind starts to go crazy all over again. You mean if the cashier forgets to ask me to donate to prostate cancer research, they feel that they should give me an item that would promote cancer?!!! It’s like saying “If you can’t help us cure cancer, we’ll give you a way to get cancer.” Either way they get you in their loop of doom. I think those high caffeine sport colas loaded with chemical sugar substitutes are pure death in a bottle. When did soda become a way to promote health research?