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Gerson Tapes were nearly lost, but now reveal censored cancer cures that have saved thousands of lives

Gerson Tapes were nearly lost, but now reveal censored cancer cures that have saved thousands of lives.

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Treating Health

Somewhere I read, “No disease – short life, One disease – long life.” I think it was in a book about Chinese herbal medicine. Anyway, the concept at first confused me, and I thought about it for a while until I figured that it means if we do not observe and recognize our own personal weakness, we cannot focus on it to strengthen and protect ourselves. By admitting and seeing one’s own personal weakness can lead to overcoming and winning out over it with a plan to action.

I have always felt badly when I see people desperate and ailing, who only took action after the damage had become very great. Treating disease can be very difficult and depressing. This is why I suggest treating health instead of disease. That’s right. The best health care is preventive health care. To boost one’s body with healthy food, air, and life style seems to be more and more important as we move into a more crowded and polluted world.

If the kind folk over at the NCI and American Cancer Society predict that one out of every two Americans will have cancer in their life time, it is a good indicator that it is time to treat the healthy, and do our best to keep them that way.

Studies on how our polluted environment effects our lives are hard to conduct. I don’t believe that we will ever see much information on these subjects that is considered conclusive. I try to avoid chemicals in my day to day life, especially chemicals in my every day life. It is amazing how many toxic chemicals people live with in their home. Honestly think about it. If you have a can of spray paint, floor cleaner, and oven cleaner under your sink, you are also living with their fumes in your living space. Even worse if you live on the East Coast, as you are inside with the windows closed all winter breathing the Freon from your refrigerator, the petroleum from the oil heat, ash from a fireplace or wood stove, and the laundry belt in your dryer may actually be made of asbestos, sending that into your air every time you do a load of wash.

I am fanatical about keeping my home as non-toxic as I can. All our cleaning products are food grade, so nothing is toxic. Our soaps, cleaning supply, shampoo, body products are all made from edible ingredients. I figure if it goes on your skin, it’s going through one’s liver after it absorbs through the skin. It’s also cheaper than store bought products. We use 20 Mule Team Borax for all our soap needs. We just mix it with warm water and shake. It’s great shampoo, soap, floor wash, and a cup of the powder cleans our laundry. To sanitize counter tops, hands etc. I fill a spray bottle with 5 parts water to 1 part vodka. We do not use isopropyl rubbing alcohol because it is a petroleum based alcohol, and not food grade. Vodka is drinkable, so it is food grade. I bought a decorative bottle that I transfer my vodka into so my friends don’t drink it on me, as I only use it for cleaning!

The earth is 2/3 water, your body is 2/3 water, and your food should be 2/3 water. Fruits and vegetables are the trick to a healthy life. Although it is thought one should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, I believe that we actually hydrate from eating fruits and vegetables more than from drinking water. Drinking water seems to flush out the body, but digesting fruits and vegetables brings the water into the cellular level, and keeps our body lubricated and youthful.

I don’t seem to worry about food as much as I do chemical avoidance. At my home we cook two meals a day from scratch with organic vegetables from the farmers’ market. We also have produce delivered. Check in your area if you have a local organic farm with a website, as there is nothing better than receiving a weekly box of farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits on your door stoop once a week to keep one eating healthy. Because I have good eating habits, I do not deprive myself of any yummy snack, cake, cookie, or chip. I eat what I want, and sometimes I want Chocolate Ring-Dings, so I indulge. I think I get away with this because of all the other healthy habits I have.

I love to walk for some fresh air. I come up with errands just so I can go out for a daily walk. It’s my “creative healthstyle”. Be sure to invent one task a day that involves a 15 minute walk or more. I have never had a drivers license. I walk a lot. Bring a bottle of water with you, and drink some.

Define the things you hate in your life, and figure out a creative strategy to remove them. If you hate your job, do one thing every day to get out of it. It could be finding another. It could be starting a small home business or dot com. Work at it a little every day. You’d be amazed at how much gets done if you do just a little every day. Being happy is the most important thing to do for your health. Make your life the one you want to live, and live it you will.

So these are some of the ways I treat health. I suggest that everyone that is feeling healthy to take good care of their health. Do not wait until you are ill to learn about healthy living. It is so difficult to read and research when one is ill. Many people are afraid of change. I say do not do anything drastic over night. Take it slower. Add one new healthy habit to your life every week, and pretty soon you will have made some major changes. After all, there is no hurry when one is treating health.

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Lifestyle vs Deathstyle

Do you ever think about your lifestyle as something that was created by a bunch of suits around an advertising agency table somewhere? For as long as any of us have been alive, culture has been created by ad agencies all over the world. If you sneeze and say, hand me a Kleenex, they’ve got you. Corporations are well aware if they can get their product to be part of a culture, they have a life long winner. Coke, Pepsi, Jello, Kleenex, ChapStik, and Rollerblades are all words we use even if the product is something else.

The thing about culture is that many people don’t realize there is any kind of alternative. They grew up with their parents using certain products and doing things a certain way. Without ever giving it any thought, we accepted many items our parents used. This is all well and good, unless the products bring with them dangerous toxins.

The large chemical companies have done their best to get their products into the cleaning culture of America. Ever dust your home with toxic chemical sprays? Ever clean with toxic germ killers? It is so insane to me that people will introduce toxic chemicals into a living area they are “cleaning”. Our body has an immune system to take care of bacteria, viruses, and other germs, but our system is taxed heavily by dangerous chemicals. It is not an even swap.

Cleansers, solvents, soaps are all big business. Chemicals make huge profits. It is their interest to sell as much of it as they can. I just do not believe that it’s smart to use toxic chemicals in one’s living space. I wish more people realized that one possible reason for the huge increase of disease is due to our willingness to embrace toxic chemicals in our everyday life. My simple rule is, if you would not eat it, do not use it or store it in your home.

Petroleum, gasoline, isopropyl alcohol, solvents all make up our everyday body products, household cleaners, and car care products. How often do you wear gloves when you pump gas? The glove compartment was invented to keep gloves in. The gloves are to protect you when you pump toxic gasoline. We get so used to the everyday chemicals, we have forgot how toxic they are and forget to protect ourselves when we contact them.

So clean with pure soap and water. Put cheap vodka in a spray bottle, and clean glass, counters etc. with the ‘food grade’ alcohol cleanser. There is no need to use anything in your home that is not food grade. Everything you clean with has a food grade alternative. When one is no longer slowly killing themselves with toxic sprays, cleaners, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, and have replaced them all with simple all natural products one can change their ‘deathstyle’ into a lifestyle. When you pass on these new healthy habits to your children, a whole new happier and healthier culture will come of it. Every move you make has an effect on the future.

With all this in mind, I try to stock the purest body products on earth at our store If you know of a better product, let me know, I’ll look into it.

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