Secrets of the Universe

Why do we get sick?

The Day BookI believe that the body heals and cures itself. Every day you are well is because your body fought off illness. We are constantly under attack from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Our immune system fights off our daily invaders and we go through our day without a thought to it. Until we get sick. Then getting well again is all we think about. Why is it one day we are strong enough to fight off the invaders, but today we are sick? What kind of stress did we put on our immune system that had been working fine up to now?

Over the years I have used Dr. Hulda Clark’s herbal parasite cleanse and a Zapper to keep me ahead of it all. I don’t want to wait until I am ill to start a health program. Instead I think it wise to keep the immune system strong. I like Dr. Clark’s method because she believes that the body performs the miracle of cure every day you are well. Every day you are well your body successfully fought off every disease causing organism it came in contact with. The theory is, if we maintain our immune system, we maintain our health. To put fuel on the immune system’s fire helps our body cook off the germs and stay well.

The 21 Day Herbal Parasite Cleanse along with Zapping once daily is what I do as a preventive measure. I believe it really helps me. Many people that are fighting cancer and other diseases use Dr. Clark’s methods to boost their immune system, but I think it is best to do it long before one is sick. Why wait? It makes so much sense to clean out the gunk that has accumulated over the years with a few herbal cleanses.

The Day Book is a free PDF you can download and print right now. It is a day to day calendar based on Dr. Clark’s herbal cleansing programs and zapping routine. Simply check off each supplement and item as you go. In 3 weeks time you have completed the program. Why wonder if it will work for you? Try it for yourself.