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FDA Wants To Keep Chickens Indoors?

FDA Chickens

I was reading an insane article about how the FDA and USDA want to restrict all farmed chickens to screened in porches. The FDA do not want laying hens to mingle with wild birds and the outdoors at all, including the organic farms that allow chickens to roam free. It is their hope this will decrease Salmonella poisoning in chicken eggs, but it makes no sense. Because limiting hundreds of thousands of chickens to be contained in small screened porches will only weaken organic standards. Who wants chickens trapped in little cubicles, living in their own filth? It’s gross and unnatural. How can that be a step toward anything but the end of free roaming organic eggs and chicken?

A few years back I read about a patent on a frequency based device that can test eggs using the resonant frequency of Salmonella. Much like the science behind a Hulda Clark Syncrometer, this device simply looks for the presence of Salmonella using the Salmonella bacteria frequency. If there is a match, the egg is removed and destroyed.

Using simple frequency based science seems a lot more humane than torturing animals. Maybe the FDA has spent too much time in their cubicle and need to get outdoors and breathe in some fresh air for a change.

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Good Electricity and Bad Electricity

Can electric blankets cause brain cancer?

The other day while visiting my Dad’s house I was reading an old book titled: Dictionary of Scientific Literacy and I found an interesting research article about how Extremely Low Frequency, or ELF electromagnetic fields have a link to cancer and childhood leukemia. The 1979 study by Wertheimer and Leeper suggested a link between electric power lines and childhood leukemia.  Research continued in 1990 and beyond showing evidence of utility company employees who work near power lines and transformers, and telephone workers who work on lines, are the two groups at most risk. The Dictionary of Scientific Literacy mentions one study that found ELF waves so powerful that electric blankets used by pregnant women revealed a quadrupling in risk of brain tumors among their children. During my search to write this article I found a quote from Dr. Mercola’s site that states, “Other studies have shown that the EMFs generated by electric blankets suppress melatonin production. Melatonin is the most important detox agent for your brain and is also an anti-inflammatory.”

Researching cancers caused by our electric infrastructure is controversial. Doing something about it would be nearly impossible because the whole system would have to be removed, power lines, transformers replaced, and worse, I couldn’t finish blogging this information. Because fixing the problem is unlikely, there are currently no specific OSHA standards that address extremely low frequency (ELF) fields.

One of the conundrums is that all research is considered unconvincing and inconclusive by OSHA and the US Federal Government. It’s the, if we ignore it, it might just go away approach, or… is it something else? You see, if these regulating folk agree and accept that some forms of electricity do humans harm, it is within reason that other forms of electricity can do us good. Another concept the Feds just don’t want to agree with.

Both negative and positive sides of electric fields are ignored by the powers that be. Every scientist from Tesla to Rife were shunned for their research in the medical use of frequencies because of the low cost and the harm it would do to the economy. Rife wanted to broadcast healing frequencies via radio stations for free. How could the drug companies sell antibiotics and other drugs, a trillion dollar a year industry, if common people could zap them away for just pennies using AM radio waves, resonant frequencies, or Positive Offset square waves? It’s just good business to cover up both ends of the spectrum and pretend electricity is just the stuff that makes the TV work. Why support the idea that electricity is a Natural Force with the power to give and take life? Maybe you should just stop thinking so hard and watch your favorite news channel sponsored by Big Pharma’s drug ads.

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Nikola Tesla’s Diathermy

Nikola Tesla Diathermy
During the early 1900’s Nikola Tesla was experimenting with all things electric including Radio Frequency. While researching radio waves he noted that several assistants were reporting that exposure to high frequency was healing their infections, wounds, and other ailments. Tesla was intrigued by such a thought, and brought the concept to several other scientists of his time for further research. Using argon gas filled tubes to transmit the frequency, Violet Ray Wands were invented, as well as Diathermy Machines. The concept that unhealthy cells could be brought back to health using frequency was born, and the science continues on to this day taking us all the way to String Theory. Could it be that all the atoms of the entire universe are made of little loops of frequency, and health is maintained by keeping our cells in tune like a fine musical instrument? Does disease occur when our cells go out of tune? Is God a musician, and all of life a song? How would I know? But I’ll tell ya, scientists like: Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife, Albert Abrams, Wilhelm Reich, Bob Beck, and Hulda Clark all owe Nikola Tesla their beginnings. Then again, what scientist today doesn’t? Tesla was the most creative of all the modern scientists, and was a living super genius that deserves more study.