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Royal Raymond Rife

Royal Raymond Rife

Of all the Pioneers of Bio Electric Medical Research, Royal Raymond Rife is the most famous. For years Rife sat at a microscope dialing different frequencies and noting down which frequencies killed certain microbes, germs, viruses, and so on. His list of mortal oscillatory rates, or MORs became his foundation for curing cancer at the cellular level. When he was able to get amazing results, his work was destroyed by the AMA and our government, as told in Barry Lynes book, The Cancer Cure That Worked. If you don’t believe there is some sort of conspiracy to kill us all, intended to keep cancer the booming business it is, well… don’t even read that book because you’re too far gone anyway. However if you want to support your beliefs that the cancer industry is protecting it’s business by keeping cures out of our hands, then check out these links:

The Rife Machine Report [PDF] – based on Dr. Rife’s words, from lab reports, and the defense trial that ended his career.

The Non-Consolidated Frequency List [PDF] – Rife frequency MORs compiled over the years.

More About Dr. Rife – interesting article on the medical conspiracy against cures. – tons of links and information on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his research and machines.

A note about the links that open PDF files: be sure to download each PDF and keep a copy on your computer, as you never know when they will suddenly one day “go away”.