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How to Zap Pets

Hulda Clark Pet Zappicator

Lots of folk have asked me how to zap a pet. Pets can’t hold copper handles, and it’s hard to work the copper handles through their fur to make contact with their skin. Dr. Hulda Clark discovered a way to send the frequency of the zapper through a speaker instead of using copper handles. A North Pole Speaker Box is powered by the low 1 kHz setting on the Dual Frequency Zapper to make a Pet Zappicator. Simply place the speaker box under your pet’s bedding and turn the unit on. Be aware that magnets reverse polarity of any metal it is near, so be sure to remove all metal collars and tags, and never use the unit inside a metal kennel. Start out slow by zapping your pet for 3 minutes or less per day, and slowly move up to 20 minute sessions. Be sure to share your experience with your veterinarian, we’re sure they’ll be interested. Dr. Clark also published a very effective Herbal Pet Parasite Cleanse which is reprinted in The Day Book, a free PDF download.