Hulda Clark on the immune system and bacteria / viruses
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The Chemical Reaction

Many people are turning to bleach, disinfectant, and sanitizers these days. It’s obviously not safe to drink or inject into the bloodstream, but did you know that it’s not safe for use at all?

I understand your objection. After all, essential public places such as grocery stores have increased their disinfecting practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people even sanitize their groceries before bringing them into the house.

People are more wiling to tolerate toxic chemicals than bacteria/viruses.

However, Hulda Clark warned us that the human immune system developed over the millennia to deal with germs, but modern chemicals have only been in our lives in the past 100 years. Our bodies have no way to kill these toxins because they are not alive like parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Our bodies can only slowly metabolize toxic chemicals. When exposure to these toxins is every day, it becomes an accumulating load for the immune system to deal with.

Petroleum, isopropyl alcohol, and bluing agents such as methylene blue and phosphorus found in common laundry bleach are top of the list. Laundry bleach has a ton of stuff in it for making white laundry brighter. You don’t need your laundry to glow under a UV black light from these radioactive additives. You don’t need to disinfect indoor spaces with laundry bleach. And you certainly do not need laundry bleach for treating drinking water!

Boost the immune system. Don’t pollute it!

The last thing your immune system needs at this time is a chemical pollutant. It is an unnecessary burden your body can do without. It’s effective at killing, not just germs. You, too.

Hulda Clark‘s books taught me how to take care of my health at home. She gave me confidence when I had no one to turn to for advice. Now that I’m the elder in my family, I know I can respond in a caring and effective manner. Hulda Clark published recipes for natural body products, cosmetics, and household cleaning supplies. She recommended vodka as santizer and vitamin C for sun protection.

Self health is not only about responding to illness. It is about maintaining health and living a preventive lifestyle with a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, joy, and gratitude. It’s a never ending process of avoiding the toxic stuff and letting in only the purest nourishment for life to bloom all around you.

Replace toxic chemicals with a Clark Zapper. Use it every day until you are satisfied with your health, then use it preventively once a week. It’s a little miracle machine that microorganisms hate. You don’t feel a thing, but the germs do.

Read, zap, and be well.