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Surviving Chemo

I noticed that many friends of mine on FaceBook are going through chemotherapy. I worry for them. Chemo is a difficult journey. I have read all of Dr. Hulda Clark’s books, including The Cure For All Cancers, and honestly believe we have successfully applied the information when my family members were faced with chemo and cancer. Seeing my loved ones get well when everything seemed against them inspired me. Since then I have made it a life goal to share this information with anyone it can help.

If your doctor suggests chemotherapy, you must do everything you can to survive the chemo.

Dr. Clark believed that a person gets cancer because of a weakened immune system. Dr. Clark explains in her book how the body has a priority list. One simple example is if the body has mold, detoxing the mold becomes priority number one regardless of anything else going on. The body will ignore everything else and focus on detoxing the mold. If you have constant contact with mold due to a moldy living space or a bad food source, your body may become so distracted that other diseases and illnesses go unchecked. Getting away from the mold source is necessary so that you do not re-pollute and stay sick. Dr. Clark’s books describe several ways a person can boost their immune system and win the battle over cancer.

All her books describe using an Herbal Parasite Cleanse combined with daily use of a Clark Zapper to rid the body of all those little invaders we have picked up during our lifetime. Many of the case studies described in her books explain how ridding the body of parasites, bacteria, and viruses helps the body focus on the bigger problem, the cancer.

Dr. Clark also states that the herbs are considered food and do not interfere with any known drug or program your doctor may have you following. The zapper uses electricity to selectively electrocute germs, so there is no known chemical reaction to any known drug or therapy your doctor may have you on as well. Dr. Hulda Clark’s method is Complementary Care used in conjunction with whatever help you are getting from your doctor.

If your doctor suggests chemotherapy, you must do everything you can to survive the chemo. Chemo attacks the immune system just when you need it most. If you can survive the treatment, you might just go into remission and win your battle over cancer. But what would help you win your battle over the chemo?

Boost the immune system with Dr. Clark’s Herbal Parasite Cleanse and daily Zapping routine. All this should be done in between visits to the chemo ward. Dr. Clark’s book, The Cure For All Cancers has been condensed into a daily calendar called The Day Book. Anyone who wants to follow Hulda Clark’s immune boosting recipe can check off each task as they follow the program. The Day Book is a good record to show your doctor when you are asked what you are doing. They will notice how well you are doing compared to other patients who don’t have this little secret working its magic. It will be as educational for them as it will be for you. Share your progress in hopes the information will be passed on and help others facing a similar situation.

The Day Book is a free download in many different formats. All of Hulda Clark’s books can be found at

If you or someone you care about is facing chemotherapy, download The Day Book, ask them if they are open to trying it. Health care is a very personal thing. It’s amazing what they will be comfortable with and what they may not. Some will want to do only what their doctor suggests and nothing more. Some will see chemo as a toxic substance threatening their life and be drawn to healthy herbs and zapping that help lift their immunity. Each to their own. If chemo worries you or if you have seen others succumb to chemo, it’s an easy choice. Take your herbs, zap every day, eat well when you have an appetite, get rest, drink pure water, and stay strong enough to survive chemo.

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Got Allergies? Help Is Here!

The Pollenpocalypse is here. Everything is yellow outside. The pollen count is off the charts this year due to the warmer than usual weather. The last few springs have been at summer temperatures generating more particles than usual into the air we breathe. It’s like nature hates us or something. But what to do? What to do?

First I wonder, why do some people get wiped out by allergies, while others seem unaffected? The clue to the answer must be there. I would dare say it is the load on their immune system that is the difference between the two. It’s what I call a gunk problem. If your liver and kidneys are all full of gunk, or if you have a constant source of mold in your life, whether it’s processed foods or bad living/sleeping space, it is likely your lifestyle is the cause of it all.

People take a lot of showers and bathe regularly, but forget to cleanse on the inside. Us modern folk get into all sorts of trouble. Pollution, chemicals, junk food, sex, drugs, rock and roll. You know who you are. There are so many different ways to gunk up your immune system it would be nearly impossible to list them all… but I bet if you are having massive allergy attacks you could benefit from cleansing and boosting your immune system.

When nature is your enemy, your immune system is your friend. Take good care of it. Give it a name. I call mine Judy. Feed it. Give it plenty of rest. Stop being mean to it. You be nice to it, it will be nice to you. Thank you, Judy.

Okay, the past is the past and whatever abuse you served your immunity, you can take baby steps every day out of those bad habits and get into some good ones. You may wonder what to do first, and I’d suggest that instead of doing anything, let’s first do the difficult thing and NOT do something that we already know is bad for us. Stop doing anything that you know is bad for you. Stop eating at the drive through window, stop smoking cigarettes, get all the toxic stuff out of your inside living space. Store toxic paints, cleaners, solvents, and any chemical you would not eat, in a separate building like a garage or shed, not where you live and breathe. That stuff adds up over time. It’s all part of the clean up.

Changing your bad habits will be the most difficult part of this process. Luckily you have the internet and youtube to find new ways to achieve better ways of doing things and online forums and groups who are on similar journeys. Learn to cook from scratch once in a while. Learn to eat better. Be someone who likes to learn, and enjoy the adventure. Even better, find a friend and change your habits together as a support team.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s Herbal Parasite Cleanse and Parasite Zapper is a great start. It is suggested to start there, then move on to the Kidney Cleanse and Liver Cleanse to flush everything out of your system.

Changing your nasty habits is important, or you will simply continue to pollute and get all gunked up. The idea is to have such a strong immune system that you reduce your allergies or be rid of them completely. You eventually want to be like the people who seem unaffected by it all and enjoy your life like they do.

Immunotherapy, otherwise known as allergy shots, freak me out as an option because they actually make you stop reacting to pollen over time by suppressing your immune system. I want to boost my immune system, not suppress it. I’d rather avoid drugs and medications that add to the problem as they process through my liver and immune system. Basically, I would rather remove as much gunk as possible, not add any more to the problem.

Allergies are difficult to fight. You have to cleanse the body of all the past gunk it has gotten into. The gunk is slowing your immune system down so it cannot do its job. Clean out the gunk and there’s a good chance you will feel better. Stop putting the gunk in to stay feeling even better. It took time to accumulate enough gunk to get allergies, it will take time to clean out all that gunk.

Dr. Hulda Clark wrote about boosting the immune system using these cleanses in her book titled, “The Cure For All Diseases“. It was Dr. Clark’s belief that a healthy immune system keeps us well, so she wrote many methods of caring for the immune system. This book has ideas and methods to care for a person from head to toe. The section on allergies is very useful, concise and easy to follow.

Dr. Clark’s book is a great health resource for new parents and anyone who is interested in natural health. There is also the free Day Book you can download now with all the clean ups and herbal recipes for you to follow day by day so it’s easy to do. For more information check out:

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Is Electricity The Cure For MRSA?

MRSA Zapper

Last year my cousin, Little Roland, went in for a simple hernia operation that was considered routine surgery. However during his stay in the hospital he acquired a post operative MRSA Staph infection. He had a hard time with it because even though the hospital gave him some extreme drug to fight the MRSA, it would not go away. It had been quite a while before I heard about it. Folks here in New England don’t like to mention their ailments, or bother anyone with our malady, so it was a couple weeks until the infection had gotten bad enough for Roland to miss work and we all found out about it through the grape vine.

As soon as I heard my cuz was struggling with MRSA, I visited his home and brought him my Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper. He used it as he lay on the couch watching Storage Wars on TV. Between whatever meds the hospital had given him and the zapper, he got well before the week was up. Everyone was glad it was over.

A bit later I saw the documentary called Dr. Clark’s Legacy and learned of a Canadian medical specialist using electricity from a frequency generator to cure MRSA without any help from medication. She cured a patient using electricity whose hands were to be amputated because the MRSA infection had turned to gangrene. (The video is hard to watch, the patient’s hands are very infected, but time lapse photos show she gets well.) They consider the work a miraculous breakthrough that should be studied further. I agree. Even better, anyone can build or buy a zapper right now and use it any time they wish. No need to wait for any 10 year double blind studies. You can get a zapper and zap now.

Zapping is cost effective, available globally, and does not expire on a shelf like medicines or herbs. Heat or cold does not affect it, and there are no known constraints or interactions with drugs to limit its use. The only warning is that no one wearing an electronic pace maker or a mom who is pregnant should use a zapper. Other than that anyone can and probably should zap. The world is a big scary place of new and improved germs and disease. Having a zapper gives me peace of mind.

“Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a cause of staph infection that is difficult to treat because of resistance to some antibiotics. Staph infections—including those caused by MRSA—can spread in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and in the community where you live, work, and go to school.”

“One of the most miraculous results we had, was actually the MRSA bacteria which will not react to any antibiotics. So with electricity I had a lady whose hands were supposed to be amputated because she had developed gangrene. By putting her on the frequency generator several times it totally healed up and saved her hands and probably her life.”
Üte Corobani, Kinesiologist in Canada. VIDEO:

I just did a Google search for hernia operation MRSA and interestingly enough found this post about another successful experience with the Hulda Clark Zapper:

Here’s a brand new $100,000 robot that zaps MRSA in hospital rooms with UV light:

For tons more Zapper information and videos visit the Hulda Clark Media Page.