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Is Electricity The Cure For MRSA?

MRSA Zapper

Last year my cousin, Little Roland, went in for a simple hernia operation that was considered routine surgery. However during his stay in the hospital he acquired a post operative MRSA Staph infection. He had a hard time with it because even though the hospital gave him some extreme drug to fight the MRSA, it would not go away. It had been quite a while before I heard about it. Folks here in New England don’t like to mention their ailments, or bother anyone with our malady, so it was a couple weeks until the infection had gotten bad enough for Roland to miss work and we all found out about it through the grape vine.

As soon as I heard my cuz was struggling with MRSA, I visited his home and brought him my Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper. He used it as he lay on the couch watching Storage Wars on TV. Between whatever meds the hospital had given him and the zapper, he got well before the week was up. Everyone was glad it was over.

A bit later I saw the documentary called Dr. Clark’s Legacy and learned of a Canadian medical specialist using electricity from a frequency generator to cure MRSA without any help from medication. She cured a patient using electricity whose hands were to be amputated because the MRSA infection had turned to gangrene. (The video is hard to watch, the patient’s hands are very infected, but time lapse photos show she gets well.) They consider the work a miraculous breakthrough that should be studied further. I agree. Even better, anyone can build or buy a zapper right now and use it any time they wish. No need to wait for any 10 year double blind studies. You can get a zapper and zap now.

Zapping is cost effective, available globally, and does not expire on a shelf like medicines or herbs. Heat or cold does not affect it, and there are no known constraints or interactions with drugs to limit its use. The only warning is that no one wearing an electronic pace maker or a mom who is pregnant should use a zapper. Other than that anyone can and probably should zap. The world is a big scary place of new and improved germs and disease. Having a zapper gives me peace of mind.

“Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a cause of staph infection that is difficult to treat because of resistance to some antibiotics. Staph infections—including those caused by MRSA—can spread in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and in the community where you live, work, and go to school.”

“One of the most miraculous results we had, was actually the MRSA bacteria which will not react to any antibiotics. So with electricity I had a lady whose hands were supposed to be amputated because she had developed gangrene. By putting her on the frequency generator several times it totally healed up and saved her hands and probably her life.”
Üte Corobani, Kinesiologist in Canada. VIDEO:

I just did a Google search for hernia operation MRSA and interestingly enough found this post about another successful experience with the Hulda Clark Zapper:

Here’s a brand new $100,000 robot that zaps MRSA in hospital rooms with UV light:

For tons more Zapper information and videos visit the Hulda Clark Media Page.

Secrets of the Universe

Electricity for Longevity

When I started using a Hulda Clark Zapper in 1996, I did so because I was curious. My father had given me a copy of Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure For All Diseases, and asked me to build him a zapper. The Radio Shack parts came in bundles, so I had enough parts to build three zappers. One for my dad, one for me, and I gave one to my grandparents.

I used the zapper daily for several weeks, then once or twice a week as suggested in Dr. Clark’s book. I used the zapper any time I was exposed to a sick person, or felt down, myself. I quickly became a believer, using the zapper religiously for several years, turning many friends, family members, and co-workers onto the device. I made a zapper for anyone that would supply me with the parts to do so. Each one told me I should start a zapper business, and eventually I did found Natural Health Supply in 2001. After 5 years of first hand zapper experience I was excited to make a living sharing my little secret of the universe with others.

Here I am writing this blog entry more than twenty years later. Now get this: I believe that I have practically stopped aging since I began zapping twenty plus years ago. I know lifestyle is a big part of it, too. I eat organic, don’t smoke, or take any prescription drugs. Beyond that however, I really think the zapper has helped me stay young and strong.

If the zapper really does all that Dr. Hulda Clark writes about in her books, the device simply kills any common germ the electricity can reach. This releases the body from having to battle each and every daily germ, so your body stays a bit younger by being less burdened. If your immune system has less to do, it’s easier to stay healthy and spry. So the zapper is a “cure all” device, because in essence it simply takes unnecessary work away from your immune system so that your immune system can focus on getting rid of major illness, or disease. What’s super cool is that there are no side effects or drug interactions. Zapping is electrical. A zapper emits a radio frequency and the user holds two copper handles. The zapper current will travel to many parts of the body, mostly through the blood and lymph system because it is most conductive.

The theory is that the zapper’s positive offset square wave frequency is enough to zap those little critters to death, and we cannot even feel it. No shock, no jolt. You feel nothing, that is, unless you’re a germ. By cleaning house in this manner on a routine basis, I believe I have kept my body the temple it deserves to be.

Zapping was an unexpected discovery made by the scientist Nikola Tesla. While at work perfecting the early days of radio transmission he wrote that he had noticed painful cuts, scratches, and wounds with slight infections would clear up around certain frequencies. Tesla shared his discovery with contemporary Georges Lakhovsky, who used Tesla coils to make the cancer fighting device, the Multiple Wave Oscillator. Royal Raymond Rife added to the science by researching the exact frequencies each pathogen was killed by, charting the mortal oscillatory rate for disease causing germs. Some really smart people have spent their life working on electronic wellness devices, and I’m convinced from using them that they really do work wonders!

So yeah, the zapper is a public domain device with over 100 years of history. It’s not approved by the FDA because public domain items cannot be patented, so patent medicine will not run a six hundred million dollar, ten year double blind study, any time soon. In Canada and Switzerland the zapper is sold over the counter without a prescription for post operative infection. Exactly as Tesla described it back in the 1800’s. In the United States the zapper falls under folk medicine but some universities have began conducting studies that shed positive light on using a zapper. You can only know if zapping works by using one yourself. Looking for that magic silver bullet to give you that added edge in life? Buy a zapper, or if you’re handy, build your own zapper. Experiment with it at home, and tell others about what you find out.