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A Celebration of Hulda Clark, the Scientist

Today is the anniversary of Hulda Clark‘s birthday. She would been 90 years old. She died on September 3, 2009 – just over a month shy of her 81st birthday. It would have been a ripe old age for her life and death to be celebrated if it weren’t for the controversy her death certificate caused: the author of a series of books beginning with “The Cure For All Cancers” died of cancer!

I wrote Hulda Clark Cancer Mystery a few years back to unpack this ball of irony. How could she not cure herself? Did Hulda Clark die of cancer? Was she a fraud or the victim of a conspiracy by the medical community? With no biopsy prior to her death to confirm her diagnosis and no autopsy after it, we are left to simply believe. Not a scientific approach on either side of the debate.

Recent news continue to tout “fake cancer zapper” and “bogus treatments” despite advances in science that are based on the foundation laid by Hulda Clark and her predecessors in frequency therapy: Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, and Royal Rife. We would not have FDA-approved (and prescription-only) applications such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent without the Hulda Clark Zapper.

In celebration of the Hulda Clark Zapper and Schematic

It is clear that the Hulda Clark Zapper is being attacked by propaganda, not because it doesn’t work, but because it is registered in the public domain. The medical community cannot control its use. Anyone can build, use, and sell it. Essentially, the Hulda Clark Zapper is free, and while it’s free and circulating around the world without the need for a prescription, people hold the power of their health in their own hands.

The medical community likes to label anything beyond their scope as “pseudoscience” while they insist that the public simply take their word for it. How many times have the FDA and medical community pushed drugs at us and then later recalled them? How many people have died from conventional cancer therapies such as chemo and radiation?

Hulda Clark always said, “Don’t take my word for it. Be your own scientist or detective.” Hulda Clark encouraged skepticism as the beginning of scientific investigation. Too many people giving Hulda Clark bad reviews are those who have never even tried her protocols. I don’t believe anyone who speaks from a lack of experience. Hulda Clark’s books and research are not perfect, but she laid in our hands the beginning of an exciting new paradigm in health care. We hold the keys to discovery and improvement.

Books by Hulda Clark

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Hulda Clark Cancer Mystery

On September 3, 2009 Dr. Hulda Clark, independent research scientist and author of controversial books such as “The Cure For All Cancers” and “The Cure For All Diseases,” died. It was inevitable. She was 80. But just as controversial in life, Dr. Hulda Clark’s death elicited polar reactions. Thousands of people whose lives she touched mourned her passing. Perhaps just as many rejoiced like munchkins at the death of the Wicked Witch of the East. Some others were disillusioned by her death, calling to question everything they believed she stood for in life, as if she promised a cure for death itself.

It has now been two years. I am still filled with questions and confused by the conflicting information about the cause of her death.

Like Oskar Thorvaldsson, owner of Self Health Resource Center, I initially learned that Dr. Hulda Clark died of a spinal injury. New Century Press, the company formed to self-publish Dr. Hulda Clark’s books and manage her website, released a statement that Dr. Clark died of complications from a spinal injury.

A month later, Hulda Clark’s death certificate was released. The cause of death was listed as anemia and hypercalcemia – diseases of the blood. An additional diagnosis was provided on the certificate: multiple myeloma. Cancer of the bone marrow.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s adversaries scanned and posted her death certificate on the internet, gloating over the damning diagnosis. Dr. Hulda Clark could not cure her own cancer. Her death certificate confirmed that she was a fraud.

If you look closely at the death certificate, attending physician Steven Oppenheim M.D. and certifier Silvia Garcia M.D. from San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine, confirmed these dignoses from having last seen Hulda Clark on August 12, 2009. Palliative care is not about reversing disease, it is about relieving pain. It is most likely Hulda Clark came to Dr. Oppenheim’s care after having already received her cancer diagnosis.

Bear with me as I speculate. More than a month before she died, Hulda Clark was found to have cancer. When she died, her family released a statement that she died of a spinal injury, omitting the cancer diagnosis, perhaps in hopes of protecting Dr. Clark’s legacy. A month later her death certificate was released containing her true diagnosis.

Or is it possible that Hulda Clark did not have cancer? She had a spinal injury which debilitated her for a year prior to her death. Her cancer diagnosis was created post mortem, a month after her death.

Around the time Hulda Clark’s death certificate was released, another statement was posted on which revealed more details of her condition toward the end of her life:

As you probably know by now, Dr. Clark passed away September 3, 2009. She was 80 years old. There was a memorial dinner for her on September 26. It was very gratifying to hear so many heartwarming stories from Dr. Clark’s family, friends, clients and business associates. They came from all over the world.

Dr. Clark helped many people get well, but she couldn’t help herself. Her first symptom was excruciating pain in her arms. Pain medicines were ineffective. It would turn out she had deterioration in her neck vertebrae which was pinching those nerves. Her hands stopped functioning. It would turn out later she had carpal tunnel syndrome. So as soon as Dr. Clark knew there was something wrong, she physically could not use her Syncrometer techniques to investigate it because her hands and arms did not work well enough. Her health deterioration was a mystery.

Dr. Clark could see from her blood tests that she was anemic. She got a transfusion but was uncertain if the anemia was significant because she had occasional anemia all her life. She also saw reduced kidney function. She spent a lot of time trying to figure that out but unbeknownst to her, chasing that clue would not lead anywhere.

She stopped being able to walk without severe pain. Dr. Clark lived with months of severe hip pain before two hip replacement surgeries and three months of rehabilitation let her walk again. Dr. Clark lived with unrelenting nerve pain for over six months before finding a medication that worked. She suffered more than she should have because she wanted to solve her problems herself, even in the face of her severe physical limitations.

Dr. Clark was scheduled for a procedure to fix the vertebrae in her neck. While doing routine blood tests in preparation for the operation, high calcium levels were noted. The surgery was cancelled and the hypercalcemia was treated. Her doctors evaluated all of Dr. Clark’s symptoms and decided multiple myeloma was the best explanation. That is a blood and bone cancer. No biopsy was performed, so it was not one hundred percent certain, but that didn’t matter because the treatment would be the same in any case (monitor calcium and anemia).

Ironically, Dr. Clark documented helping a multiple myeloma sufferer in The Cure For All Advanced Cancers. Perhaps if she had known what to look for earlier she could have better helped herself. But it was too late. In her last few months, Dr. Clark was physically unable to function well. Her family took care of her and was with her when she died peacefully one evening.

Dr. Clark’s greatest wish was for her discoveries to continue to help people. New Century Press continues to publish her books which contain so much good information. She would want you to read, and benefit, and stay healthy.

This litany of procedures created even more questions for me: when Dr. Clark lost control of her hands, why couldn’t any of her staff at Century Nutrition perform Syncrometer tests on her? Could the two hip replacement surgeries she underwent have exposed her to heavy metal poisoning? For a leader in self-health to have adopted allopathic medicine in her time of need was like sleeping with the enemy. She allowed the very companies that were discrediting her work to have their way with her life and death. Did she make these health care decisions herself or had she lost her power to make these decisions toward the end of her life?

At this point we may never know the truth about whether or not Hulda Clark died of cancer. No autopsy was made. Hulda Clark’s remains have been conveniently cremated and spread out to sea off the coast of San Diego. Dr. Hulda Clark’s cause of death remains a mystery.

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