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Here it is Springtime and flowers are blooming and trees are budding all around us. After a long winter, it’s an amazing sight to see. My family and I routinely do our Herbal Parasite Cleanse this time of year. We take Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves during an 18 day cleanse. We get out for daily walks to get some sun and breathe the fresh air. Winter on the east coast has us stuck inside for most of the time and this winter was a doozy. While ordering my herbs to do our cleanse, I did a few Google searches to see what kind of scientific research has been done as of late on these herbs. I think a lot of scientists read Dr. Hulda Clark’s books to get ideas on what to study next. None of the studies mention her name, and they always want to do more research to make a patent medicine or drug out of the herb, but it’s still interesting to see their results. Check out the video above to see how science is just now finding out what Dr. Clark published for us all back in 1993.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse

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Making Zappers

Hey, Jay here. I read a lot, and when I get into a book I feel like the author has written that book just for me. I fall into a Vonnegut Breakfast Of Champions-esque delusion that there is a direct connection between the author and myself. I believe the book was written just for me.

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Herxheimer Reaction

Sir Herxalot

Hey, it’s Jay. You already know how much I love my zapper. This February I was reminded of how much I love my zapper when I recently got an ear ache from being outdoors in the windy winter weather for way too long, and that evening when my ear started to hurt the zapper gave

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Hulda Clark Interactive Video

Hulda Clark Interactive Video

There is a lot to learn about Dr. Hulda Clark’s methods of Self Health as described in her books, so I thought it would be awesome to put all the basic information together into an easy to use interactive video that works on most desktops, laptops, smartphones. Here is what I have so far.

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