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Many times during the year I feel so lucky to have certain items to help my family and I through colds, minor injuries, and other small day to day ailments and boo boos. When we get a cough we brew up some garlic lemonade with local raw honey. Anytime we have the first signs of a cold, or feel any pain, we use our Hulda Clark Zapper. If we get a small cut or scrape, food grade hydrogen peroxide does the trick. Pure Zinc Oxide worked wonders on our baby’s diaper rash, and several years later on her chicken pox. One Forth of July I burned my finger on a sparkler, and a small dab of Tea Tree Oil and zapping did the trick.

It is these simple over the counter items that make our day to day life a little better, and I feel really lucky to have these solutions on hand. The best part is, everything I just mentioned are all natural items in the Public Domain, which means they cannot be patented.

The problem with the medical world is that it is caught up in the pressures of being run as a for profit business. Patent Medicines are Big Pharma’s priority, and they will study plants, minerals, and other items found in the Public Domain in hopes to synthesize some form of drug they can patent and monopolize. The process is long and costly to develop such Patent Medicines, often costing $600 million dollars or more during a ten year double blind study.

The pressure of making their initial investment back causes Big Pharma to hold back studies if they do not lead to Patent Medicines. Even if an exotic plant from the rain forest cures cancer, if they cannot make a drug out of it, the research does not make it to the public. This is why we hardly hear anything about herbs and other Natural Cures, the people doing all the research do not release information freely into the Public Domain. The irony is that many Patent Medicines have dangerous side effects and are so toxic, they are considered a controlled substance that only a doctor can prescribe for you. In many instances, the natural herb is much safer than the drug made from it.

This is why the average citizen must self educate on Natural Health because doctors and drug companies are too caught up in selling the drugs they monopolize. Natural Products are in the Public Domain, which means they already belong to us all and cannot be patented. This is great news, but you have to embrace this gift through self education to gain the benefit. Reading, researching, and visiting natural health related online forums are great ways to learn, and share what you’ve learned with others. Educate yourself and discover ways you can stay healthy using safe, food grade, natural items that are fast and effective. Your family will thank you with abundant health and wellness!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA:

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