Human Over-Response

When people are frightened, they employ methods that are more of a fear response than scientific. For instance, when the schools reopened this fall, my child returned home at the end of the day exhausted from breathing the chemicals the school is using to disinfect with. On top of it,

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Hulda Clark on the immune system and bacteria / viruses

The Chemical Reaction

Many people are turning to bleach, disinfectant, and sanitizers these days. It’s obviously not safe to drink or inject into the bloodstream, but did you know that it’s not safe for use at all? I understand your objection. After all, essential public places such as grocery stores have increased their

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Dog in a bed of dandelions

Got Allergies? Help Is Here!

The Pollenpocalypse is here. Everything is yellow outside. The pollen count is off the charts this year due to the warmer than usual weather. The last few springs have been at summer temperatures generating more particles than usual into the air we breathe. It’s like nature hates us or something.

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Making copper handles for Hulda Clark Zappers

Here is the process for making copper handles for Hulda Clark Zappers. Be sure to wear eye protection when cutting metal. First cut 3/4 inch copper pipe into 4 inch lengths. Use a pipe cutter, hacksaw,  jeweler’s saw, or ban saw. Be careful, and be safe. The edges of a

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How to stay looking young and feeling great.

I just turned 50 years old end of May 2014. Lots of my friends have asked me how I stay looking so young. For one, I’m motivated by love. I want to love my wife, daughter, family, and friends for as long as I can. Because I want to live

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Why Don’t We Hear More About Natural Cures?

Many times during the year I feel so lucky to have certain items to help my family and I through colds, minor injuries, and other small day to day ailments and boo boos. When we get a cough we brew up some garlic lemonade with local raw honey. Anytime we

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NSF Bleach for Drinking Water

  Laundry bleach is not intended to treat drinking water. If you have a well or pump house, be sure to find a source for American National Standards Institute/National Sanitation Foundation (ANSI/NSF) Standard 60 certified drinking water treatment chemicals. Pool supply stores often have NSF Standard 60 Chlorine Bleach and non-chlorine

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The Hulda Clark Food Zappicator

Did you know that the low 1 kHz frequency from a Dual Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper can be sent through a speaker instead of copper handles? It’s a great way to zap food, meat, fruit, vegetables, water and beverages. Hulda Clark calls this a Food Zappicator. It’s also great for

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