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Herxheimer Reaction

Hey, it’s Jay. You already know how much I love my zapper. This February I was reminded of how much I love my zapper when I recently got an ear ache from being outdoors in the windy winter weather for way too long, and that evening when my ear started to hurt the zapper gave me immediate relief. The pain would go away for a couple hours, and then start to return. I’d zap again. The time became longer in between until I was well. It got better pretty fast. After a couple days, I had no hint of it at all and was good to go. Amazing!

Friday came and we took our herbal parasite cleanse maintenance dose, which always feels like ten million more capsules than I want to take at one time, but we do it. Let me be frank: the herbs kick my ass. Every time I take the herbal parasite cleanse I get some sort of Herxheimer reaction. Usually I get a bit tired, but this time because I was a bit under the weather, I got cold symptoms, headache, stuffy nose, super sleepy, exhausted, and I had to lay down and sleep it off. When I am in tip top shape and feel good my reaction to the herbs is mild. When I’m a bit under the weather the herbs might make me need to nap for three days until I feel 100% again. Dr. Clark suggests to not cleanse when ill, and I would guess this is why. It hits you like a ton of bricks.

At most zapping might make me a bit sleepy afterward, but I think the herbs are so dang thorough the body is forced to allocate all your energy to the sudden clean up. I imagine the white blood cells have to remove all those dead parasites and debris and the process is exhausting. I’m guessing the more bugs that get killed, the more tired you will be, and Dr. Clark states that the herbs reach all the places a zapper cannot, and I believe her.

I zap so often, the only parasites I have are probably in the shielded areas of my body that electricity cannot reach. The herbs enter my bloodstream, and goodness gracious, I feel my energy drop, and I know I have targeted and eradicated something that I don’t want living inside of me. I accept the reaction as a sign of success that an ugly job that must be done, has been done.

When folk are new to cleansing, they get scared when they feel worse. I agree – it’s insane that you have to make yourself sick to make yourself well. It’s not fun. So don’t feel like you’re all alone. You are not the only person who feels like they are getting worse when you start cleansing. Truth is, if you are full of the germs, bacteria, and parasites which you hope these herbs will reach, you’re going to need to take a break if it actually works. If you kill all those things at once, it’s gonna make you feel tired, and removal systems will take over like a sudden runny nose and a need for sleep. Always prepare to rest when you cleanse. When you are well enough to do a round without hardly a reaction, you are cleansed.

Just remember cleansing is gross and cleansing is harrowing. You gotta remove all the gunk you got into over the entire course of your life. Ever get into any gunk? Of course you have. Well, as far as gunk goes, it’s never as fun to get it out, as it was putting it in, so realize that you are paying for all that fun you had way back when you were feeling great. So hang in there. If you’re feeling terrible during your cleanse, you’re probably on the right track.

Everything that gives us pleasure also gives us pain to measure it by.

The Residents

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