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My father handed me Hulda Clark’s book, The Cure For All Cancers, in 1996 and asked me to make him a Zapper. The instructions were all there including Radio Shack part numbers, so it was easy. The parts were sold in multiples, so I had enough parts to make several Zappers at once. I made a Hulda Clark Zapper for my dad, myself, and one for my grandfather.

My dad and I started using the Zapper daily in a preventive manner and shared anecdotes on effectiveness. We both found zapping to be useful. My father is diabetic and, with regard to cuts or wounds, had issues with healing. He says the zapper makes his small cuts and wounds heal up fast. I had noticed that at any sign of a cold, cough, or sniffle I would zap and it would kick it out of my system, while friends, co-workers, and roommates would get the same bug for weeks. By using the zapper often, I began to see ways it could help me on a day to day basis.

A couple years later my grandfather phoned me and told me he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. They had started radiation treatments at VA Hospital there in Maine where we’re from. He asked me, “How do I use this contraption you made for me?” He meant the Zapper. It had been in the closet since I had put it together. Now a bit frightened, he wanted to try zapping. He followed his doctor’s advice, continued the radiation treatments, but zapped every day at home and did the 18 day Herbal Parasite Cleanse from Dr. Clark’s book. He got well. In fact, the only thing ailing him was the radiation burns that hurt his lungs. He had short breath for a year or so. He was pronounced cancer free 5 years later and was doing great. The hospital invited him to the I’m Cancer Free Picnic. He went.

Because my grandfather had such positive results by adding the Zapper to his doctor’s program, many of our family members and friends became interested in the Zapper. Since then my aunt has gotten well from her breast cancer, and my step brother got well from his colon cancer. They both simply added Dr. Clark’s Zapper and Herbal Parasite Cleanse to their doctor’s chemo program. They both believe that Dr. Clark’s herbs and Zapper helped them stay strong during the chemo. I think so too.

My friend John had bone cancer and looked like a walking skeleton he was so skinny. I gave him a Zapper and the Herbal Parasite Cleanse, he started using it, and got well. He had refused all chemo and radiation treatments because he doesn’t believe it is smart to take toxic chemicals when one is sick. He is still alive and well, cancer free, and has a little more meat on his bones these days. He did it all on his own from home. Amazing.

While helping my grandfather follow the Zapper experiments in Hulda Clark’s book, we discovered that most of the herb sources listed in the book were wholesale only. In order to buy the ingredients for the Herbal Parasite Cleanse and other cleanses we would need to get a resale license and have to buy bulk amounts, so we did. By the time we had all the items suggested in Dr. Clark’s book, we had enough herbs to supply the town. I packaged all the extra items according to Dr. Clark’s book, and sold them ready to go on eBay.

There was such a demand, our business Natural Health Supply was born all on its own. Other people reading Dr. Clark’s books wanted to buy herbs from the sources list, but were faced with the sources being bulk wholesalers. Now they could get just what they needed from us. By helping my grandfather, somehow good luck showered down on us twofold. First, he got well. Second, an exciting business was born giving us the chance to make a good living while helping people. It felt great to have it all come together and be doing something I believe in wholeheartedly. In 2004 my wife and I had a baby, and it was fun to see her bobbing on her Great Grandfather’s knee.

Years passed and Dr. Hulda Clark died at age 80. Although I had never met the good doctor, I was touched by her passing. She had done so much for my family through publishing her book. Not only had she helped us all stay healthy, but also wealthy and wise. With over 10 years experience I had seen miracle after miracle. Honestly, the advice in Dr. Clark’s books has helped me with more health issues than any other resource. I consider zapping my personal “Secret of the Universe” and any time I have pain, stress, or exposure to colds and flus I get out the Zapper. I keep a Zapper in the car because a lot of bad food exists out there, and I have had several cases of food poisoning from restaurant food that I zapped away in 3-7 minutes. It’s great to just get on with my evening instead of going home sick. At this point nothing can change my mind about the effectiveness of the Zapper, especially on everyday ailments. If I think the problem is bacterial in any way, I give the Zapper a try, and for me it almost always works. For everyday stuff alone, the Zapper is priceless.

After Hulda Clark’s death a phenomenon I call “Hulda Bashing” started to occur. There were Quack Watch related web sites all over the net celebrating her death. I thought, people actually believe all the Quack Watch disinformation? I only use the Quack Watch sites to see what is effective in alternative medicine. I know if Quack Watch is attacking it, Big Pharma is intimidated by it and is trying to discredit a useful, affordable, effective natural remedy. It’s one of those sites you have to read in between the lines to gain any useful information.

Hulda Clark never wrote a book titled, The Cure For All Death. Everyone dies. Dr. Clark’s death certificate states she died of anemia and hypercalcemia. She was also found to have multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow. Because of this everyone is using that to call her a fraud. If they had simply read her books, one would realize her exposure to cancer patients meant constant exposure to their parasites and pollutants. Remember that Hulda Clark believed that cancer is caused by a combination of certain parasites and pollutants. By working directly with cancer patients, Dr. Clark exposed herself everyday to the very things that she advised everyone else to avoid. More than likely Dr. Clark was always having to cleanse herself due to exposure to her patients. Dr. Clark was far from a fraud, she is closer to being a martyr. Not a martyr to her patients, but a martyr to her research. Dr. Clark was one of those untiring scientists who knew she was at the beginning of an exciting new development in science with lots of room for discovery and improvement. Dr. Clark was famous for working tirelessly updating her research and books, and when she finally did get too tired to do it any more, she died having lived an amazing life.

Dr. Clark invited others to take her research and experiments further. Far from a perfect work, Dr. Clark’s books are simply a beginning she shared as a gift to the world. Anyone who writes anything has an agenda, (including me). I happen to think that Dr. Clark’s competitors want to use anything they can to discredit her, and keep you from finding one of the precious “Secrets of the Universe”. Once you have one of the Secrets of the Universe, you may no longer want their toxic products. I think Big Pharma fears that if enough people find effective healthy alternatives, the entire culture could easily turn away from their dangerous toxic chemical medications.

Truth isn’t being handed out for free. Anything that actually works, has value, or has power, is kept secret because it is in short supply. Notice this when reading comments about Dr. Hulda Clark: the people who attack Dr. Hulda Clark’s work have never tried it and say they wouldn’t try it because it’s all hog wash, while the people supporting Dr. Clark’s work have tried it, and gained results. I always suggest gaining knowledge from trying things yourself. It’s hard to put together a proper conclusion from lack of experience, or worse, from listening to the opinion of others with a lack of experience. The best way to get useful information is to get it from someone who has received good results. has a great web site where regular folk like you and me can share information and personal experiences at the Zapper Forum found at: I have read a lot of topics at Cure Zone, and suggest it as a great resource to anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle.

Many years have passed since 1996. My loving grandfather is no longer with us. Grampy caught a cold at the nursing home early 2011 and they gave him pain medication to help him sleep better. He passed away that night, and they told us it may have been due to the pain medication. I miss him so much, but I am glad he lived well chasing the nurses around VA Hospital and cancer free up to the end. He was a great man and I honestly believe I got to love him an extra decade all because of the Hulda Clark Zapper. My daughter and I often talk about Grampy and our memories of him, so for us he lives forever. He was always doing something so funny, playing a trick on one of us. I don’t think my daughter would have ever gotten to know him if it wasn’t for Grampy kicking his lung cancer so long ago. Grampy had given me so much love growing up, it was important to me that my daughter got a piece of that warm heart. Imagine how I feel when I believe I owe it all to the information I found in Dr. Clark’s book. I will always be in gratitude, for our family times together truly was a gift.

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