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When shopping this past holiday season I was amazed how much things cost. Now I know I’m getting old because I’m shocked at prices. I remember my grandparents saying things like, “When I was your age I could buy a bottle of milk for a nickle.” However it doesn’t sound as good to say, “When I was your age I could buy a Nintendo for $150.” It just doesn’t have the same impact. Plus that same $150 could buy what the $350 buys today, so it’s confusing at best. But check it out:

Here we have a Nintendo Wii U game system. The device is about $325 more or less depending where you shop. The new iPhone is $275 or more.

These are items one can find in nearly every home. Some have more than one. So when shopping this season I got to thinking, why is it people are so hesitant to purchase a Hulda Clark Zapper? There are so many different zappers out there, and they are all about $200 or so.

Hulda Clark Zapper

The author Dr. Hulda Clark wrote many books about Zappers. She suggested to experiment with a Zapper if facing diseases like Cancer, AIDs, or other immune disorders. If you have never read a book by Dr. Clark, she states that a Zapper can boost the immune system by selectively electrocuting germs, bacteria, and viruses. When the body no longer has to fight off these everyday germs, the immune system can focus on larger problems and have a better chance at getting well. The body is a marvel, and healing is a miracle. Zapping is a boost to help it on the way to success.

So I ask, what is health worth? Why would people with video game consoles, and expensive smart phones hesitate when buying a Zapper? What is the most your game console will do for your life, and will your phone help your health – or does it slowly irradiate your brain as some studies suggest? If Zappers do what Hulda Clark states in her books, it might be the wisest purchase you make this year. We all have to ask ourselves, what is the definition of value?

I guess the big hurtle could be that Zapping is experimental, it has never been studied by the FDA, and must be used at your own risk. Long ago I came to the conclusion that I realize life is a risk, and when facing disease is their any greater risk than drugs with dangerous side effects like chemotherapy? Health and lifestyle is everyone’s personal choice. What works for one person may not work for another. All situations are unique, just like every person is unique. Since I work at Natural Health Supply, I’ve had many years and experience using a Zapper, so I’m a true believer in the benefits.

For the best value, if you find yourself handy with tools and have a Do It Yourself spirit, it’s easy to build a Zapper Kit for about $80 instead of buying a ready made unit. It’s a great project, and there are free instruction videos for building Hulda Clark Zappers to make the project even easier.

Ultimately the choice is yours, and to make the choice easier the folks at Frequency Generation brand Hulda Clark Zappers offer a one year money back guarantee on their Zapper. This way you can use their Zapper for a whole year to decide if Zapping is for you. If you decide that Zapping is not for you, simply return the device and receive your purchase price back. Visit their site for full details. You don’t get a guarantee like that from Nintendo or iPhone, and they both cost so much more. So I ask you, what is health worth?

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA:

Hulda Clark Interactive Video

Hulda Clark Interactive Video

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