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I’ll tell you who cares about health, it’s the ill. The sick, the down trodden, the crippled. The sweaty little guy with a sniffle. It’s rarely the smiling laughing folk frolicking at the beach. They’re having too much fun and feel too good to even think about health.

I’m no different. I tend to over work, and after I often crash or get ill. I do want to maintain my health, and I follow some personal life style choices in order to preserve what I have. I often talk about how I avoid chemicals. It’s true. For over 10 years there has never been a toxic chemical of any kind in my home. I borrowed some 3 in 1 oil to fix up our sewing machine from a neighbor once. Let the neighbors live with toxic chemicals. That’s what they’re for!

My simple rule, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it. Using food-grade products is like living like a king. If an item is not food grade, it’s sub-par. I figure those products are manufactured to kill off the idiots and poor. Food-grade products cost a bit more, and most are not sold to be used the way I use them.

Vodka in a spray bottle. Nothing better than plopping down the biggest cheapest bottle of vodka I can find when checking out. Here in California they sell liquor in the grocery store, and the check out person is always amused by the gigantic bottle of cheap vodka. Makes me feel cool just to buy it. I put it in an HDPE spray bottle I purchase new, not some old bottle of chemical spray I’ve rinsed out. Use the spray vodka anywhere you’d use a spray to clean. It’s also great as a hand sanitizer after changing diapers or some other gross thing. Once the vodka is in a spray bottle, it looks like a household cleanser, but beware, your large bottle can attract sleazy friends, and other fun people, so I often contain the whole bottle in an old milk bottle as a disguise. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to rescue my cleaning products from guests!

We wash our laundry in 20 Mule Team Borax. It works great, has no weird chemicals or blue crystals, or scents. Gadzooks I hate scented laundry detergents!!! Borax works fine. I learned about it at a summer camp in Maine. They used Borax there because they were cleaning laundry with the local lake water, and the lake water was what the camp drank. The ladies there told me that the old settlers cleaned with Borax because it’s a natural mineral, which precipitates in the water without polluting it like detergents and soaps. 20 Mule Team Borax works, look for it near the detergents. WalMart carries it as well.

So there’s a couple ideas for now. I really believe that if you avoid as many daily chemicals as possible, your immune system will not have to remove those toxins. Go food-grade with all natural soaps, deodorants, shampoo, household cleansers, laundry soap, detergent and so on.

Here’s to your HEALTH!

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